This is the Swedish Breeders' Crown

Breeders' Crown is originally an international concept taken from the U.S.A. to Sweden in 1991. Behind the Swedish racing model stands The Swedish Trotting Association (Svensk Travsport), The Swedish Horse Race Totalisator Board (ATG), breeders, stallion owners/agents, owners and sponsors.

The stallion owners/agents constitute the most important foundation in Breeders' Crown. Together with the breeders they ensure a continuous inflow of excellent horses so that we year after year can retain a high quality in the Breeders' Crown races. Their providing of horses make it possible for our trainers and horse owners to keep on competing at this high level that mark out Breeders' Crown as the elite series for our young trotters.

At each of the 6 initial racing days there is one race for each category; 3-year old fillies, 3-year old colts/geldings, 4-year old fillies, 4-year old colts/geldings. The horses meet within the same age group and within the same gender. In addition to that, the price money is equal to both fillies and colts/geldings.

In addition to the great glory and honour in winning the Breeders' Crown title there is a large purse to compete round. At present the total purse is apr. 1 800 000 €.

Breeders' Crown is where our stars are born and some of our most popular horses like, Ina Scot, Copiad, Lovely Godiva, Victory Tilly and From Above all won Breeders' Crown early in their career.

Arranging Breeders' Crown brings extra focus to the race track through excellent quality races, activities for the visiting audience, broadcasting in Swedish television etc.

Only 8 racing days are arranged each year, which means not all race tracks in Sweden get the opportunity to work with Breeders' Crown every year.

Breeders' Crown committee is assigned to develop Breeders' Crown and to take care of, and protect, the interests of sponsors, owners, breeders, stallion owners and harness racing.

The Breeders' Crown Committee:

Hanna Norring, Chairman
Robert Karlsson, Svensk Travsport
Staffan Osterling, Trainers repr.
Anders Karlsson, Breeders repr.
Mikael Melefors, Owners repr.
Tomas Thell, Stallion owners/agents repr.
Secretary, Andreas Alm