To race in Breeders' Crown

Breeders’ Crown have four categories:
1. 3-year old fillies
2. 3-year old colts/geldings
3. 4-year old fillies
4. 4-year old colts/geldings

Each category are competing for the same amount of prize-money, with 800.000 SEK in the final at Sundbyholm.

The Entry Fee for horses registered outside Sweden must be paid no later than last February when the horse is two years old.

From Europe: 510 €, United States and Canada: 580 USD.
There is one Entry fee only.

Every year we arrange seven BC-races/category on seven different race tracks for horses eligible in Breeders' Crown. These races are free to participate in, but it gives the horse an early opportunity to guarantee a place in the semifinals.

The five first horses take a guaranteed place. As it's free to participate, one horse can start several times. Any remaining places in the semifinals go to horses with highest prize-money.

Semifinals (elimination for final)
All horses paid entry for are eligible for start in the semifinals and it’s 36 horses in each category (three races). Your horse may enter the semifinals without any earlier start in Breeders' Crown. The semifinal races take place at Solvalla two weeks before the finals. One entry fee for the semifinal will be charged (3750 SEK).

The four first horses in each semifinal take a place in the final.

Sundbyholm (120 km south west of Stockholm) is the racetrack who arrange all the four finals and there is 12 horses in each final. The purse is estimated to around 1,7 Million SEK (174 000 €) in each of the four finals.