Rules to register stallions

A stallion need to been classified by the Stallion Selections Board in Sweden to enter Breeders’ Crown as a stallion.

They stallion must be entered to Svensk Travsport sports administration at latest before the stallions covering season starts. The fee for entering the stallion is at present 18 750 SEK.

After the breeding season a final invoice will be sent to each stallion owner/agent. The final fee is based on the number of mares bred in Sweden. A 2% fee of the total breeding fee of the stallion will be charged the owner/agent. The breeding fee is the total cost for a foal (booking fee, established pregnancy, living foal etc.).

The stallions offspring must be possible for registration into the Swedish stud book, section 1A. If not, the stallion must only be used to breed on the owners own mares.

All offspring of a Breeders’ Crown entered stallion all own the right to pay entry to Breeders’ Crown.

If you have any questions please contact Svensk Travsport sports administration on e-mail